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Peggy Ambler

Human physiology has always interested Peggy Ambler. An early beginning in gymnastics influenced her love of movement and career in physical therapy. Peggy has nearly 20 years of experience providing therapy to clients with a wide variety of needs in all the body systems. She completed her 230-hour teacher training with Karen Noonan at Yoganize, LLC in 2012 while studying Sivananda yoga with Bruce Cable. Peggy will complete her 300-hour yoga therapy training with Asheville Yoga Center in August 2014. With breath leading the way in her teaching, she strives to demonstrate proper alignment and provide gentle adjustments to protect both beginner and experienced yoga students in their journey. After nearly 30 years of practicing, Peggy believes yoga is different than a sport. It is not just a way of moving; it is a way of life.  

Rosemary Wilcox

Rosemary Wilcox brings a love of life, an adventuresome spirit, and the patience of an angler into the yoga studio. Rosemary has a background in gymnastics and dance. She devoted herself to a regular yoga practice in 2008 after suffering from some health issues. Yoga helped relieve her pain and set her on a path of holistic healing that has changed her life. She completed her 230-hour teacher training program at Yoganize, LLC in 2012, and she is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Rosemary now teaches gentle healing classes and yoga for all levels. She plans to continue her studies with Senior Yoga teacher training. Yoga has helped Rosemary cultivate self-awareness and self-confidence, and it gives her great joy to watch these qualitites grow in her studies.

Melissa Helms

As a child, Melissa had an innate desire to heal. As an adult, she has found that yoga has been the most fitting avenue for this inspiration to cultivate itself. Using breath, mindfulness, and the tools passed on from many inspiring teachers, she facilitates a loving practice designed to nurture your yoga experience. She has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2008. The first 200 hour training she completed was at the White Lotus Foundation. This is also were she was trained in Restorative yoga, in 2015 with Cheri Clampett and Aurturo Peel, masters in their field.  Its a gift to Melissa to be able to share this beloved practice with others. 

Brenda Ellis

Brenda Ellis brings compassion,experience, and wisdom into every class she teaches. Her passion for yoga is contagious. She has been practicing and teaching since 2006. Brenda studied at IT’S YOGA! Studio Inc. Teacher Training Institute. She decided to take her training even further at Asheville Yoga Center and is now registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. She has more than 1,700 hours of teaching experience as an RYT. Brenda draws from a variety of traditions and seeks to provide an intentional and uplifting practice in every class. She celebrates the physical benefits of yoga with her students and encourages them to look inward seeking yoga’s gift: spiritual and psychological renewal.

Lynn Harmon

Lynn Harmon is a mother who uses yoga to tune in to her true self and tune out all the chaos of everyday life. She leads breath-inspired flow classes that share the tools and wisdom needed for a more calm and centered life. Lynn encourages her students to pause, take time for themselves, and listen to their own internal wisdom. Her personal yoga journey began in 2006 when she had two small children. Lynn completed her 200-hour teacher training with Liz and Brian Delaney at Greenville Yoga in 2009, and she has been teaching ever since. Lynn believes regular practice of yoga and meditation help her better hear her internal wisdom in her daily life and in all of her relationships.

Beth Dill

Beth counts on her yoga practice to help balance life as a yoga instructor, studio owner, mother, and wife. She began her personal yoga journey in 2008 when she discovered that this ancient practice helped her to feel calmer, gave her more energy, and improved her mood. She completed the 230 Hour Training course with Karen Noonan of Yoganize in 2012, and after teaching over 1,000 hours, earned an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) certification from the Yoga Alliance. Beth’s playful teaching style involves flowing motions that combine a variety of yoga styles and Pilates movements. She builds in time for relaxation and meditation to help students balance both their minds and bodies. A regular yoga practice with Beth can help you achieve deeper and better sleep, live with greater intention, and be more present in your daily life.

Karen Cossey

​Karen Cossey considers herself a student of life. She draws upon
various yoga techniques, poetry, and literature to create a welcoming space for students who are new toyoga. She is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher who did her training with Karen Noonan at Yoganize, LLC in 2012. Her goal is to eventually earn her 500-hour certification. Karen designs her beginner’s classes at Yoga East to help students find ease,strength, and focus in their practice and unwind their minds through movement and breath. She creates a safe, welcoming space for students to feel strengthened and rejuvenated. In addition to her regular classes, Karen sometimes leads restorative yoga workshops at the studio. No matter what class she is teaching, Karen hopes to create an environment where students can let go of the past, not worry about the future, and just be in the present.

Cassidy Richison

Cassidy teaches authenticity, alignment, breath and intention—both on and off the mat. Her goal is for her students to leave class feeling a little closer to themselves than when they came in (and hopefully a little happier). All and all---she wants to share her love for yoga with her students. She knows everyone's relationship with yoga is unique and beautiful, and she is simply happy to provide a space that allows her students to safely and freely use their yoga practice as a means of self-healing and self-knowledge. After experiencing the profound healing effects of yoga herself, she decided to share some of that magic with the rest of the world. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teaching certification From Kripalu School of Yoga and is excited to share her practice with you. While both sweet and sincere, Cassidy's burning love for life and vibrancy could melt a whole world.

Brenda Burris Drake

Brenda is a ceritifed vinyasa yoga teacher and came to yoga practice in the early 1980's when she chose an elective yoga class during her Freshman year. Brenda has been teaching yoga since 2007 after completing her certification with Stephanie Keach. Brenda has been a leader in the corporate world for over 30 years and brings her talents of discovery and insights to her teaching. She strives to bring something new to each class. She continues to study yoga and will complete her RYT at the Asheville Yoga Center in April 2017. With a passion for sharing yoga wisdom with her students, Brenda seeks to be a conduit of love and joy on the mat and beyond.

Angela Murphy

​​When her two boys were small, Angela Murphy discovered the gym was a great place to have adult conversations and take uninterrupted showers. The only problem was they expected her to do some exercising while she was there. Then she found yoga. Yoga gave her the tools to manage her sometimes out-of-control stress, as well as more strength, flexibility, and balance than she’d ever had. She is grateful that her growing interest in yoga led her to Yoganize, where she practiced with Karen Noonan for four years. Angela recently completed her 200-hour teacher training with Liz and Brian Delaney at Greenville Yoga. She teaches a breath-centered flow class with a limited number of Sun Salutations, and wants her students to leave her classes feeling better than they did when they arrived.

Ruth DeVroomen

Ruth began practicing yoga shortly after her first child was born in 2006 and she immediately fell in love with the practice. Not only did she feel better—both physically and mentally— yoga taught Ruth to approach challenges in her life as opportunities rather than obstacles. This shift in her outlook continues to this day, but she has learned in order to approach these opportunities with calmness and clarity, she must stay connected to her mat. She completed the 230-hour teacher training program with Karen Noonan of Yoganize in 2017 and is now a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Ruth hopes to make the world a better place through her teaching, one person at a time. As Mother Teresa says, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.